Welcome to the #BellissimoFamily

Bellissimo Plastic Surgery was started because Dr. Antimarino wanted to have a place that genuinely reflects his personality and his philosophy about patient care, including building profound relationships with patients that revolve around trust, sincerity and honest communication. Dr. Antimarino believes he has a responsibility to treat all of his patients the same way he would treat his family and to connect with them to ensure he achieves the outcomes they desire and deserve. 

Dr. Antimarino believes every one of us has our own definition of how we define ourselves, not only through physical attributes but also mentally and socially. Our goal at Bellissimo is to assist anyone who comes in to see us to help discuss who they are, who they want to be, and how we might be able to help. This belief is embodied in our mission statement: Your partner in defining you™.

We’re with you for your journey.

From the moment you walk in the doors, we become a part of your personal journey. We create a unique partnership, one that is completely individualized, as each patient begins to redefine themselves both physically and emotionally. We focus on quality care that we would give our own family members. We partner with you as part of our Bellissimo Family and encourage you to be who you want to be.

The Bellissimo Family, Explained

As a Bellissimo patient, you automatically become a part of our Bellissimo Family. We encourage you to connect with other family members to share your stories and photos as a way for all of us to applaud each other’s accomplishments and provide encouragement to each other on our personal journeys. Using #BellissimoFamily, we invite you to record a 15-second or less video and upload it to Instagram or share an encouraging message on Twitter. We have also devoted our comment section on Facebook for Bellissimo Family to share their stories and pictures with others. Whether they are inspirational, funny, or just about life and achieving the goals you set out to accomplish we would love to have you join us. We see this not only as a personal testimony but also as a forum for other patients to use when considering a procedure. 

Share your story today!

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