Glimpse Device

The Glimpse professional skin evaluator is the ultimate consultation tool.  We are now able to compare our patients’ overall skin changes as well as differences noted to the skin by capturing consistent before and after treatment images for easy comparison. 

How does the Glimpse work?

The 3-D viewer provides visuals from various dimensions and angles of the face to assess the depth and size of pores, wrinkles, and skin texture. The unique AI predictive feature on the Glimpse system simulates the progression of the skin over time.  This mode can also show patients how pigment, wrinkles, and even hidden wrinkles might appear without intervention.  Using Glimpse, we can communicate through imagery to our aesthetic patients the information needed to make informed decisions about their skincare goals.  We can also offer any available treatment options to address your concerns and how best to maintain your skin in the future. 

Who should have an evaluation done?

Any patient interested in learning about their skin and evaluating any sun damage, aging, pigment, wrinkles, and texture changes.  

Where do you begin when setting skin care goals? 

Our Aesthetician can perform an evaluation and then go over the results with you.  This is the perfect time to discuss skin care and any type of treatment that may help you maintain a smooth, hydrated complexion.