Microtox describes an innovative use for muscle relaxers such as Botox or Dysport that accelerates the effects, producing an instant tightening and lifting result. When injecting muscle relaxants using this patented technique, the muscles respond immediately with a skin retraction which is similar to a ‘shrink wrap’ effect. The skin will subsequently appear to be tighter and more compressed which allows fine lines to dissipate. No more waiting 3-7 days for your Botox to take effect. Our nurse injectors are certified in this patented technique by the InjectAbility Institute and only a certified provider can practice these techniques.

Ideal treatments:

  • Instantly tightening the skin on the face, around the eyes, and on the neck
  • Slimming the jawline, reducing jowling and ‘wattle’
  • Softening crow’s feet and opening up the eyes
  • Eyelid and brow lifting
  • Under-eye crepiness
  • Cheek crepiness
  • Facial tightening, decreasing pore size
  • Facial flushing, decreases facial sweating
  • Softening a pebbly chin
  • Subtly enhancing the lips
  • Recontouring and slimming the nose
  • Neck and decolletage tightening

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