Lipo360 is a term that is commonly used to describe liposuction that targets the mid-section going all the way around the body or “360 degrees”. This procedure is used to contour and shape the body by removing excess fatty tissue, leaving an overall balanced result. Lipo260 can treat: 

  • The upper and lower abdominals (stomach area)
  • Flanks on both sides (above the hips and below the armpits)
  • The lower and mid-back

It can be combined with any procedure such as face, breasts, arms, or legs. It is common to see this procedure combined with a BBL or Brazilian butt lift. The fat that is removed from the midsection is relocated to the buttocks to add volume and create a more desired hourglass shape.


Lipo360 is done under general anesthesia in an accredited outpatient surgery center. Lipo360 is not a weight loss procedure like a gastric bypass surgery would be, it should be thought of as a contouring or sculpting procedure. When it comes to the Lipo360 procedure itself, it’s important to note what the ideal candidate looks like. Not only should the candidate be a healthy person without life-threatening illnesses or medical conditions, but the patient should also:

  • Have excess fat deposits.
  • Be an adult who is within 30% of their ideal weight.
  • Have firm, elastic skin.
  • Have good muscle tone.

Patients should be approximately 20 pounds within their goal weight when they schedule their Lipo360 procedure. You may have localized areas of fat that simply won’t budge despite diet and exercise. In some cases, Lipo360 may be used to initiate a weight loss program, but do not expect the procedure to remove large quantities of fat.


This procedure has long-lasting results and should be maintained with a healthy lifestyle that includes good nutrition and exercise. Depending upon the job, typically a patient is back to work in several days and back to exercise in 1-2 weeks. You will be sent home wearing a compression garment that will stay in place until your first post-operative visit. The garment is worn continuously for several weeks for tissue support and to decrease swelling. The patient may have swelling and bruising after surgery. Bruising is typically resolved within 1-2 weeks, while swelling may take weeks to several months.

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