Clinically proven hair growth Nutraceuticals target the root causes of thinning with medical-grade, natural ingredients that support whole-body health.

Nutrafol Products

  • Nutrafol Women: For women ages 18-44 with thinning hair due to stress, dieting, and over-styling.
  • Nutrafol Women’s Balance: For women ages 45+ with thinning hair who are experiencing hormonal fluctuations peri- and postmenopause.
  • Nutrafol Men: For men ages 18+ with thinning hair due to genetics, hormones, stress, and unhealthy lifestyle habits.


  • Visibly thicker hair volume, less shedding, and faster-growing, stronger hair.
  • Visibly thicker, longer lashes and brows, reduced feelings of stress, and improved sleep, as reported by patients.
  • Visibly thicker hair volume, reduced postpartum hair shedding, and faster-growing, longer, and stronger hair.
  • Breastfeeding friendly; plus, reduced feelings of stress and improved sleep.
  • Visibly thicker hair volume, fuller scalp coverage, visibly softer, shinier, and stronger hair, and less shedding.
  • Plus, reduced feelings of stress and improved sleep.
  • Fuller hair and scalp coverage, visibly thicker hair volume, and faster-growing, stronger hair.
  • Does not compromise sexual performance; plus, reduced feelings of stress and improved sleep.


  • Clinically effective formulas
  • Standardized, bio-optimized ingredients
  • Free of drugs, hormones, gluten, dairy, shellfish, and artificial additives
  • Physician formulated
  • With ingredients also known to lower feelings of stress and improve sleep